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when someone tries to argue with you about a topic you know more about



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Anonymous said: random thought: regardless of anyone's thoughts on the actual film (since I know people have mixed feelings about it), for some reason I feel like if Andaril were to have a voice actress it would probably be Meryl Streep doin a British accent like she did in the Iron Lady?? maybe a slight adjustment in the pitch but... ???????? ?? ??maybe???idk why but i feel the need to give yer ocs voices.... :I

oooh, I had never really thought about Meryl Streep as a voice for Andaril.

I will admit I have been influenced by Cate Blanchett, partly because she used to make me uneasy as a child when I first watched LoTR, but also because what I’ve seen of her role as Marissa Wiegler in Hanna (a movie I STILL need to sit down and watch) is SUPER in line with what kind of character Andaril is.  

I haven’t see the Iron Lady but I did watch a clip from it just now and yes, I could definitely see that voice with Andaril, plus this moment seems very in character for her as well.

Thank you for the suggestion :)

I’ve gotten a lot of super sweet messages lately and I want to respond to everyone of them and smooch you all softly but I also want to hog them and sleep in them


I just want to let those people know that I got and read their messages and really appreciate them SO SO much! May you be gifted with many wonderful days

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hey peeps i could use your help so i’m opening commissions for headshots such as these! please email me at with your tumblr name to reserve a spot and i’ll get back to you! ( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑

technical details: currency is usd, payment via paypal, the price depends on the amount of details (long hair/complex jewellery/tattoos/hats/outfit/etc.)


Pound It.

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domdros said: Hi there I went to your DA gallery and saw you had like 2 pieces of art in the traditional art folder and my question is do you still draw traditionally? anyway big fan and hope you're having a good day!

Yep! I still draw traditionally quite a bit. I tend to bounce between mediums. 

I mostly just sketch, but I’m trying to get into the habit of doing more watercolor, pen, etc. 

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Anonymous said: I love seeing various reference on your blog for women's clothing. Do you have a list of reference blogs for men's clothing, specifically for the Victorian/Regency/Edwardian era?

Unfortunately I don’t know of any blog off the top of my head that deal solely with men’s clothing.

Some of the blogs I follow have a specific tag for men’s clothing however, you can find a list of fashion blogs I follow in my FAQ 

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be-the-strider said: What type of tattoo is that on the line up of your VTMB character

I don’t think its really a specific type? I just sort of made it up on the spot and rolled with it haha