I love my friends so muuuuUUUuuchhh

Anonymous asked: Bodran valkari? They could be arguing perhaps?~



(I’m assuming this was for the ship meme and not just a random request but here you go my friend ASDGLKJKJ)

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Anonymous asked: Think about an Orc eating an ice cream cone. (Or at least trying to do so.)

this is both funny and a bit sad

I want this orc to enjoy his ice cream ;A;

Anonymous asked: So I'm guessing your a fan of Vladimir Kulich.

I haven’t seen him in much tbh.

The first thing I ever saw him in was The Thirteenth Warrior and I of course know him as the voice of Ulfric.

I did stumble upon a scene from a film with him in it once

but yeah, I guess I’m a fan. 

His voice is just…how can it be real??? its crazy

Vladimir Kulich read me the dictionary pls 

of COURSE Vladimir Kulich is in Vikings!


Ash Ghoul cosplay
© Isugi

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man, if I’m ever having computer issues all I have to do it get my brother to walk in the room and it fixes itself!

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